The clinicians at Pathways offer a broad range of evidence based treatment tailored to the specific needs of each patient. Some presenting concerns require a more direct solution- focused approach, while others may benefit from a less structured approach that allows the individual to explore possible barriers to a more fulfilling life.  Therapy can be provided to the individual patient or the concerns can be addressed as a couple, family or in a group designed to gain additional peer support from others experiencing similar issues.

After a brief initial phone screening, an intake appointment will be scheduled with a clinician whose expertise matches the presenting concerns of the patient. During the initial appointment, the clinician will gather detailed historical information, work with the patient to clarify treatment goals and begin formulating a plan for reaching these goals. Through this process, the patient is already on their way to making the desired changes in his or her life. Therapy sessions are typically scheduled on a weekly basis; however, the frequency can be either increased or decreased depending on the needs of each patient.