Colleen Shay, Ph.D., Licensed School Psychologist.  Dr. Shay earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Studies from Duke University, her Ph.D. in School Psychology from the University of South Carolina, and completed a psychology internship at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine where she developed a specialization in early childhood assessment and intervention.  Dr. Shay has experience working with children and their families across school, pediatric, and clinic settings.  Dr. Shay and her partner, Tracy Shiring, M.S.ED, direct Pathways to Student Success, the educational consulting branch of Pathways.  Dr. Shay’s services include:  assessments of learning problems, attention problems, behavioral difficulties, developmental delays, and social/emotional concerns; consultation and follow-up for developing and implementing accommodations and interventions at home and school; assisting families with obtaining needed resources and services; school visits; classroom observations; attendance at school conferences; and collaboration with other professionals.  Dr. Shay’s comprehensive neurodevelopmental evaluations look at each of the functions of the brain that affect the ways a student learns and performs in school, links the student’s profile of strengths and weaknesses to academic skills, and provides recommendations managing learning, behavioral, and social differences.